How to manage employee time-off requests

  • Published on: 30 Aug 2023
  • Written by: Ivan Dimitrov

Allowing a company to request a holiday (or time-off) on behalf of an employee can be beneficial in certain situations. It ensures that all necessary administrative processes are followed correctly. For instance, if an employee forgets or is unable to submit their holiday request on time, the company can step in to avoid any last-minute disruptions to work schedules. Additionally, in cases where multiple team members wish to take leave simultaneously, the company can manage and coordinate the holiday requests more effectively.

This approach also enables the company to maintain appropriate staffing levels and operational continuity during peak vacation seasons. However, it is crucial for the company to seek the employee’s consent and respect their right to approve or decline the requested holiday on their behalf. Transparency and open communication are key to ensure that the employee’s preferences and needs are respected throughout the process.


Who can request holidays?

Both employees and company staff can request holidays. Employees can request holidays from their UI, while HR administrators can request holidays on behalf of all employees in the company.

Before you request a holiday

Before you can request a holiday the user has to set the yearly holiday allowance. You can do that by clicking on the “Settings” menu and then choosing “Employee Settings”. At the very top you’ll see the “HOLIDAY ALLOWANCE” section. Fill in the number of holidays per calendar year based on the company preferences. 

How to submit a time-off request

  1. As a company user, when in an employee profile you have to select the “Holidays” menu
  2. On the top row there four bubbles(*this could be changed) “Accrued Paid Holiday”, “Booked Holiday”, “Remaining Holiday” and “Used Unpaid Holiday”. The company user can see the information and based on it to proceed accordingly.
  3. Press “+ Request Holiday” button on the top right
    request holiday
  4. A pop-up window will appear where the user can fill in the desired holiday dates, the type and reason (optional).
    1. The system supports the most common types of paid and unpaid holidays, based on the local legislation.
      new holiday request
  5. The user can Save or Discard the holiday request.
    1. If discarded, the pop-up window will be closed and a new request can be submitted
    2.  If saved, the requested holiday will appear in the “Pending Holidays” table. In that table there are 5 columns “FROM”, “TO”, “DAYS”, “TYPE”, “REQUESTED ON”. The user can use those to sort the information. The administrative staff is notified via email that there is a requested holiday.
  6. To the right of each holiday request there are three action dots. When pressed the company user can Approve, Reject or Delete that specific holiday request. After approval or rejection the employee is notified via email.
    1. If a request is approved or rejected then it’s processed to the Holiday History table. Deleted requests do not go in the Holiday History table!
  7. In the Holiday History table the request is waiting for the specific employee to sign and the company user can monitor that.
  8. On the most right of a specific holiday request there are three action dots. When pressed 3 options appear “Resend Email”, “Download File” and “Delete Holiday History
    – “Resend Email” – email notification is send if the employee signature status is still pending
    – “Download File” – a specific for the country holiday request document can be downloaded
    – “Delete Holiday History” – deletes the holiday record from the table