How to sign company paperwork electronically

  • Published on: 05 Sep 2023
  • Written by: Victor Grigorov

Sign Documents Electronically

Signing documents electronically is easy, intuitive and saves time for both the company and the employee/contractor. It eliminates the need for printing, scanning, or physically mailing documents, sparing unnecessary paperwork and resources. With electronic signatures, you can sign documents anywhere, anytime, using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It simplifies collaboration by allowing multiple parties to sign the same document simultaneously, streamlining the workflow. Additionally, electronic signatures offer enhanced security features, such as encryption and authentication, ensuring the integrity and legality of the signed documents.

There are two types of documents that require a signature – contracts and agreements. In some countries PTO requests also require a mandatory signature.

*There could be different links on how to set the electronic signature for Company, Employees etc

How to Sign Documents Electronically as a Company

Before you start

  1. The first step is to download the application Evrotrust (some other app may be used). Follow the steps for installing on your screen. Once you have installed the application go to your WIA platform and click on “Settings” on the bottom of the main menu.
  2. Under the section Electronic signatures with Evrotrust turn on the slider for Enable e-signatures integration
    electronic signatures evrotrust
  3. In the first field Evertrust Vendor Number (instructions where to find the vendor number
  4. In the second field Evrotrust Api Key (instructions where to find the vendor number
  5. Fill in the Evrotrust Primary Email (this email is mandatory because without it the e signature is not possible)
    evrotrust primary email
  6. OPTIONAL – By checking the ‘Enable auto-sign for holiday requests and contracts?’  checkbox two more fields appear.
    6.1. One for additional secondary email to be used ‘Evrotrust Secondary Emails (comma separated)’ (this email is not mandatory and it is used if there are different people with different permissions that can be used for the e-signature. Also if no secondary email is added the document is signed only by the primary)
    6.2. One for signing holidays ‘Select holiday signatory email’

How to Set Up Your Evrotrust Account?

*Steps to set up the Evrotrust account

Once you have set up the Evrotrust application, each time a document is received and signed, an email notification is received and a push notification appears on the provider mobile application.

How to Enable Electronic Signature for an Employee?

  1. Go to your employee profile
  2. Select the third option from the menu “Employment Information
    employment information
  3. Fill in the fields under the second section ‘e-Signature Details’:
    3.1. ‘Legal Name’ field3.2. ‘Position’ field3.3. ‘Evrotrust email’ field
  4. After everything has been filled correctly a banner will appear
    e signature details

How to get contracts ready for electronic signature?

When creating a new contract you can choose between 4 e-Signature options:

E-signature options


  1. The first option does not require a signature neither from the employee nor from the company
  2. The second option requires a signature only from the employee
  3. The third option requires a signature only from the company
         3.1. The user has an option to change the email address of the signature
  4. The fourth option requires the signature of both the employee and the company
         4.1. The user has an option to change the email address of the signature